“Now, go get you a nap Boy”…

There we sat, Papa & I, me still breathin’ hard. Boy, now you know we goin’ to be fishin’ all night”! Yes sir. Where’s your Tackle Box & Rod? I’ll be right back sir. I got up movin’ quickly, tryin’ my best not to bust out in a run. Then Papa calls out “{{{ Cleo! }}} bring me my Tackle Box”! like always. Mama retorts “John Wilson”! I scurried to the back (storage) room, snatched up my stuff and went thru the house bangin’ off walls & doors. There was Mama with Papa’s Tackle Box, “slow down son, he’s not goin’ anywhere right now”, “Yes Ma’am”! I slowed down & followed her to the front porch. Mama sat down Papa’s Tackle Box turned & headed back in the house mumblin’ somethin’. “{{{ Cleo ! }}} bring us some Tea”! Again I heard her mumblin’ as she went thru the house. Open that Tackle Box Boy & let’s see what’s in there. This happened to be My Daddy’s Ole Tackle Box. It had a lot of “Ole Perch Jerkin’ ” stuff (otherwise know a Bream fishin’ gear) in it. That is what my Daddy & his Daddy
used to do. So durin’ the rest of that mornin’ we spent cleanin’ that ole box out, corkin’ it and rubberizin’ the bottom. Then Papa gave me some of his old gear to use. Lures were one each of a  (modified) Paw Paw, Broken Back Fan Tail Creek Chub, Hula Popper, a Talkin’ Plug, & a Jitter Bug. All were top water castin’ lures. Then an assorted group of Cream Plastic Worms in Black, Purple & Green, Weedless (spring guard) Hooks & Swivels. I got to keep my ole stringer. Everythin’ else got tossed. I also got some ole Adjustable & Needle Nose Pliers,  a triangle file, a Phillips Head & Flat Edge screw drivers. I was now set! Tonight’s the night! Mama, had in the mean time, brought us our Tea & some lunch. We finished up & Papa looked at me and said “Now, go get you a nap Boy”  you’re goin’ to need it. Yes sir…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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