“My 1st Fishin’ Trip with Papa”…

Papa called me out to the front porch “Billy, come mere boy”! Yes sir, I was in the bathroom washin’ my hands. When Papa called, ya didn’t keep him waitin’. I took off like a shot, it was a straight line to thru the house, from the bathroom, to the front door! Mama stepped out from a side room into my path & I came to a halt. She looked at me & I said “I know, don’t run thru thru the house” but Papa called me!, she said “go on”…I don’t really remember the exact Day it happened although I probably should. Pantin’ to cath my breath, I slammed the screen door closed. Mama called out ” Billy Gray”! I answered “yes Ma’am I know – don’t slam the door”. There Papa was – yes sir? Lookin’ back today it was almost like “Reportin’ to your Company Commander” as in my Military days. Many of you may be able to relate to that. There was always a nice breeze passin’ acorss that porch. It was a Big Ole Country Porch, it had an awning on the front for shaddin’ from the sun, & it was about 10 ft off the ground. Boy, go ask your mother if it’s Ok for you to go….I was off like a rocket! Snatched that screen door open, almost off the hinges, there’s Mama…yes ma’am I know “don’t run thru the house”…I didn’t even check up. I zigged & zagged thru the house & out the back screen door. I knew Mother had been out in the back yard hangin’ out the laundry on the cloths line. Mother, Mother, Mother! Papa wants to know if I can go fishin tonight? Can I, please ma’am! Please? I don’t know what the problem was but it seemed like it took 10 minutes or longer for her to answer me when actually it was only a couple of seconds, Yes I guess…and I was off, before she could even finish, back to the front porch, but this time around the house & not thru it, up the steps to where Papa was, pantin’ like a dog, YES SIR! “Put your tongue back in your mouth boy, sit down here”…My 1st Fishin’ Trip with Papa & Uncle Porter was now goin’ to happen…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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