“Manna from the sky”…


If you’ve ever been campin’ in our State Parks you have probably noticed how they work very hard to keep’em clean from trash scattered about (by laze campers) & fallen limbs from trees in the campin’ areas. Therein lies  the problem. Ya get everythin’ set up, tent, sleepin’ bags, coolers, boat in the water, & other required necessities. Then you round up the kids, of the ones in our group, explain to’em we need some rocks to form a makeshift fire place. WE that have gone campin’ have all been there, right. Now it’s ready, kids, scatter out and collect some fire wood! After a short while there is NO Firewood! Only a few twigs & I mean TWIGS in the fire place! That’s NOT firewood! So we call in the kids in & asked “where’s the Firewood you collected”? Then the mumblin’ & excuses started about “we couldn’t find any”…Well that’s just not goin’ to do. So we started lookin’ again, this time I went with’em. Sure enough NOTHIN’ scattered around on the grounds & no low hangin’ limbs we could break off to burn. Thanks Parks Service! Now what are we goin’ to do Dad/Mr. Gray? Come on, lets go to my boat. I climb in and dig thru my storage area, drag out a Ski Rope. Dad, what’s that for? Hush boy, ya’ll come on. Bout this time a couple of the other adults appear, with adult beverages in hand, & they ask what’s up? Here this’uns for you, what’s up? Fire wood I said, now y’all back up I swung the handle of the Ski Rope round & round (reminded me of playin’ Cowboys when I was little), threw it up in the tree above us, got it tangled up in the limbs, & the  laughin’ & the questions start. Why did you do that? What are you doin’? You need another adult beverage? Y’all back up. I pull the rope tight, then jerked on it a time or two, & FIRE WOOD fell like “Manna from the sky”. I took the extra adult beverage, untangled my Ski Rope, told the others to pick the bounty, & meet me @ the fire place…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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