“Dental Floss”…


Aah, settin’ up Camp on the shore of Wind Creek. Back when we were all younger, several of my Ole Runnin’ Buddies & I, along with our families took up campin’. A few of us had Bass Boats, and our families all likes bein’ on or around the water. We all ended buyin’ tents, some got a little more elaborate than others but it was all fun. We could call ahead and reserve us some lots, head down on Friday afternoons, & stay a couple of nights & days and play. Except Holiday Weekends. Then it was 1st come 1st served. One of the funniest memories I have of those adventures was one weekend there were 4 families of us goin’ down to enjoy “The Great Outdoors”. Well as fate would have it 3 families (a Banker, an insides Parts Sales Rep, & an Outside Sales Rep/me) got there, set up, rounded up some fire wood so we could a nice roarin’ fire on a mid 80 degree night with high humidity Alabama nights. What could be better? I think supper had been cooked & we were and ready to Burgers & Dogs & enjoyin’ A Few Adult Beverages sittin’ around said fire. About that time the last of the 4 families (a Marine/Shipping Mrg.) made it in. We all continued to enjoy supper, each others company, & tellin’ of “Fairy Lies” from growin’ up together. The Marine & his family excused themselves as it was gettin’ late and they hadn’t set set up their tent yet. We kept hearin’ the sounds of frustration comin’ from their area so we decided to sent out a search party to see what was wrong. The problem was with the tent & it wasn’t set up. It was a little more than a “Pup Tent” so The Marine was havin’ issues. So we asked what we could do to assist, so we all popped another round of Adult Beverages, & got at it. It was somewhat sophisticated so I asked “have YOU read the Instructions”? Naturally his retort to me was “a Marine didn’t need Instructions to set up a tent” (or somethin’ like that)! His bride steps forward and says here they are! He glared at both of us there in the dim flash beam he had left. As we always would do some of us read the instructions and in no time we had the Tent up and ready for occupying by his family. Needless to say we rode him all night (& we still do to this day) about that. Now that the tent was up it was time to round up all our kids and get them down for the night so the adults could get back to the Adult Beverages & “Fairy Lies”. Well the Marine was gettin’ himseld groomed for the night along with his 4 young’uns. As luck would have it he had a chunk of somethin’ wedged in-between his choppers and was walkin’ around mumblin’ & grumblin’ & said he wished he had some “Dental Floss”! I spoke up and asked him what flavor he wanted? I started walkin’ into the dark of the night and heard somethin’ to the effect, mumble from his mouth, that if I came back with “Dental Floss ” he was goin’ to kick my ass. As I reappeared from the dark with 4 different containers I asked him “What Flavor Ya Want”? At least that’s how I remember it. Well lets just say after that it was Adult Beverage time again. That was one hell of an evenin’ with Ole Friends. “Hold’em Hook”!….BG>


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