I was watchin’ somethin’ on the News this mornin’ about the current Political happenin’ in Iowa goin’ on. How the Liberal “Democrats are the ones who can manage our Entitlements”. It reminded me of a Face Book post I made (in jest) once & an Ole Friend (I’ll just refer to him as Barney), from the neighbor hood I grew up in, commented on it. I had to look it up & thought I’d share it…

October 19, 2012

Barney commented: Gee, Billy, so you’re one of those slackers who sit at home and live off the rest of us? Retired? Pension? How dare you have a pension? Why that’s just a form of entitlement. Doesn’t matter that you worked for it, you’re just leeching off all of us who work, right?
Just like all those bums on Social Security. Earned it? HA!
This ad brought to you by Americans Against Anyone Who Isn’t In the 1% !

 (I wasn’t sure if he was {{{really serious}}} or not but…)

Me: No Barney, not really. Just worked hard, @ a good company, who recognized those who were willin’ to go the extra yard to get the job done. I was then give more opportunity and worked even harder for hopefully more opportunity. We (My Bride & I) were smart enough to live within our means (& a lot of the time below our means). Also we were smart enough to save & fortunate enough to invest wisely plannin’ for the day I could walk away. And believe it or not IT WORKED! Now I just hope I can spend it (other than the Taxes I’ve already paid on it and the on goin’ taxes I continue to pay on it) before Mr. Obama can take 1/2 of it (or more ) away from me and give it to those who don’t have a plan or a clue of what to do other than to wait on the Government, because we know “they’ll take care of us”. Let me say it in plain English (which some can’t & others just refuse to learn) “I EARNED IT THE OLD FASHION WAY. I WORKED FOR IT”!…”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>



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