Papa & His Lure Alterations…(continued)


He kept all kinds of small hand tools in the bottom of his Tackle Box wrapped up in an ole rag. He’d remove the hooks. If it had a front, metal lip, well it too had to go. Then he’d whittle, sand, & add weight to it, go back to the tub & repeat the process until he was pleased. Then out came his box of paints, a collection of finger nail polish any woman would be proud to have. But I have to admit, some of ’em were pretty thick, bout half dried out. You know the kind. He’d blend the colors he wanted then paint ’em. Heck, even had some pieces of a ladies Petty Coats that he would use for defining scales in his paint jobs. And none of ’em would do until they had 2 coats of clear on ’em. Why I’ve watched him for 3 to 4 nights work on an Ole “PawPaw”, a top water lure, that would work side to side. He would take a 1/4 oz barrel weight, cut it in half, get a longer rear hook screw attach it and the rear spinner back on it then whittle and test until that thing stood up in the water the way HE wanted it to. I promise you, when you pulled that thing thru the water it had a lot more action than anything from the factory had. I have one in my display case I still use on occasion, but only with modern day, braided line so I don’t lose it. You just can’t buy one like that. He used to modify Ole “Creek Chub Darters” as well. Weight the back end, shave the front end off and rename it his “Talkin’ Plug”. It made an awesome {{{ Chuck-Chuck-Chuck }}} sound comin’ across the surface & Talk’em up to it. I also still have one of those as well. It was always an experience to watch Papa & His Lure Alterations. “Hold’em Hook”!….BG>  


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