Papa & His Lure Alterations…

Growin’ up in my Grandparents home was interestin’. Back in those days there were only 3 TV stations & children were limited to mostly Saturday Mornin’ Cartoons & Shoot’em Ups. If you can remember those days you’re tellin’ your age. My Grandfather (Papa) always sat over in the corner, in his favorite high back chair, where he could survey all the activities happenin’ in the Family/Livin’ Room. Most evenin’s, after supper he would read the Evenin’ Paper, watch the evenin’ News, all 30 minutes of it, & then holler at my Grandmother “Cleo, bring me my Tackle Box”! That was the way things were. Every now & then I break out laughin’ as Mamma (Cleo) would, simultaneously step into the room &, say “look right there beside you on the floor”. Then I would get “The Stare” & I knew enough to shut up THEN! That Ole Tackle Box was an ole steel one! It had two layers of sectioned off trays in it & a deep bottom compartment. He had lined it with cork sheeting. On the bottom he had attached cut up Ole Red Rubber Inner Tube pieces to keep it {{{ Quiet }}}. Again, if you remember Red Rubber Inner Tubes, you’re datin’ yourself. Papa did all of his fishin’ @ night & he didn’t take kindly to someone makin’ nosie in the boat with him.  I’ll bet he had probably 50 lures in that Ole Tackle Box, all types, I’m talkin’ about lures from before the days of Plastic. They were all wooden. And that rascal was heavy. It was interestin’ to watch him just sit & stare in that Ole Tackle Box. Then, all of a sudden, he would reach for a specific Ole Plug. It might be so Old it couldn’t be dated or possibly a New one. He would study it, just lookin’ at it from all angles. Hell, a computer scanner couldn’t do a better job today. Then he’d get up, without sayin’ a word, plug in hand, & head to the bathroom. The ole tub, all my life, had a steady drip, drip, drip to it. he just left the ole stopper, attached to it’s chain, in the drain hole. And he wasn’t about to fix it. It wasn’t because he couldn’t. It was because it provided him with his own little mini pond to “Water/Lab Test” things. He’d toss that plug in the tub…{{{ Plunk }}}…& watch it. He even had him a couple of ole pieces of line, within arms length, he’d get one & tie it to the eyelet, twitch it a time or two, & study it’s movements. If it was up to his approval he’d get it & dry it off and untie the line & head back to his chair. But!, if it didn’t suit him I could hear him grunt, he’d snatch it out & stomp back to his chair. Then he’d get his tools out & start His Lure Alterations…(to be continued)“Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


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