The Origin of “Hold’em Hook”…

My Grandfather was an avid Bass Fisherman. The strange thing was he always fished @ night & NEVER on a Sunday. That was just his thing. I used to beg him to take me fishin’ with him & Uncle Porter (his brother) when I was very young. One day he hollered @ me to come out on the back porch, yes sir I responded, on a full run thru the house with both my Mother & Grandmother tellin’ me “DO NOT TO RUN IN THE HOUSE!” for the millionth time. There he stood alongside 2 old retired kitchen chairs. Sit down Boy! You wanna go Fishin’ with me? Yes sir! When are we goin? Where are we goin? Hold on boy! He held out the  Brightest & Shiniest thing I’d ever seen. It was one of his old retired Reels and a make shift rod. It was a South Bend “Free Cast” bait castin’ reel. Freshly cleaned, lubed up, and sportin’ New 20 lb test braided line. It was mounted to an old True Temper, 3 1/2 foot Steel Rod with mismatched eye guides on it & a patched up cork handle with a “Pepsi Cola Bottle Cap” screw to the butt end with some black electrical tape wrapped around it. Danglin’ from the line was a Practice Plug (an ole retired plug with the hooks removed) on a swivel! He said “Boy I spect you to take care of this Rod & Reel, you understand me”? Yes sir! Boy, you see that ole tire out there in the yard? Yes sir. Well, when you can sit right there in that chair and cast that plug out there & hit that ole tire 5 time in a row I’ll take you fishin’ with me. You understand? Yes sir! He showed me how. He hit that tire right smack dab in the middle 5 times in a row. He showed me how to retrieve it back. Slowly, twitchin’ back & forth. When a fish hits it, you rare  back, set the hooks, & holler “Hold’em Hook Hold’em”! And keep sayin’ it all the way to the boat till the fish is in the dip net. You understand boy! Yes sir! Needless to say, I spent many a day & evenin’ out there in that chair till my arm hurt. But the day came. I found Papa & asked him to come out on the back porch with me. I am ready to show you what I can do. I was 6 yrs old! Papa, Uncle Porter, & I went Night Fishin’ 2 weeks later. I’ve been hooked ever since. Oh yeah I still have that Rod & Reel to this day rig & ready to fish with. “Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>


One thought on “The Origin of “Hold’em Hook”…

  1. Larry

    Ever since I first heard you say that it has stuck with me til this day. I’ve done a lot of fishing with many different friends and have yet to hear anyone else say that. So Mr Bill it belongs to you. Love the Blog idea…


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